Got a Tesla?

Want to know more about a Tesla?

Tesla Women Drivers Denver is here for you!

Welcome to Tesla Women Drivers Denver.  If you were somehow inadvertently sprinkled with Musk Dust over the past five years, went to the Mall and dropped north of $80K on your biggest shopping spree ever, we want to get to know you.

It’s okay. We know what you bought.

It’s a hopeless addiction. Way worse than shoes.

All who have been stricken by the same know it – and we’re to help you. Indulge it, that is.

After meeting similarly-afflicted Tesla owners and enthusiasts at the new 2017 Denver Park Meadows location opening, we realized the need for a new group. At Tesla Women Drivers Denver,  we share Tesla experiences, tips and tricks, find new friends – and drive out our insanely great land-rockets.

If you are already an owner, you know how really great the Tesla crew are in support. More great support, however, is often from fellow enthusiasts. Collectively, we get to know a lot of good things; from fun customize your car with great accessories or where to go if you (forbid) have an accident with your precious baby.

Despite efforts from the ICE auto lobbyists, Tesla is here to stay. Not only to stay but continue to lead the auto industry in fully-electric vehicles, battery innovation, and energy storage.

Join us at Tesla Women Drivers Denver – and come together to share in the greatest automotive industry disruptor ever!

… Kay

(BTW – the guys are welcome too!)