Tesla Owner’s Club Leadership Summit 2018 – Silicon Valley

A smorgasbord of All Things Tesla. Ninety Board Members of Tesla Clubs from all around the world descended upon Milpitas and Fremont, California. Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, the UK; so many made the effort to come from far and wide. Deep in conversation on membership and events, Tesla allowed us time (over gratuitous amounts of food) to share valuable ideas on how to better serve our local Tesla owners.

Factory. Short activists looking to undermine Tesla’s production levels? Sorry guys. These highly-addictive speed freak computers on wheels are rolling out of Fremont at an almost alarming rate to meet demand. (Assembly robots may be about to unionize for a pay check and lunch break.)

To see how far this staggeringly scaled-up operation has come is jaw-dropping. The Tesla Fremont facility with its immense footprint – beating out Boeing’s Everett plant – now boasts the distinction of the third largest building in the world and is poised to grow even further to accommodate both existing and upcoming vehicle production.

  Model 3. Top-of-the-line Performance version was on hand for the experience. When the $35K base price point does kick in, this car can only add to Tesla crossing the finish line first with a full range of highly desirable, covetable, environmentally-friendly vehicles. Elegant, comfortable, smooth – oh, and did I mention breathtakingly fast?

  Rangers. An owner’s best friends. So, what’s in the trunk to get the job done on site?

  Community. The Summit gave all a further sense of belonging to a very special movement to help push the world forward.

Starman made a surprise return visit to planet earth, showing no signs of damage from a recent Roadster excursion with Falcon Heavy, and the highly collectible Boring Co. flame-thrower lit the candle on a birthday cake. Yes, cake was still intact; the volume can be turned down. The full might of the device went on safe display outdoors – much to the shock and awe of a DHL delivery truck that had just pulled in. (All eyebrows survived the experience.)

An inspiring two days for all attendees to learn more about the Disruptors of the automotive industry as we have known it – and where we are headed in securing the future of EVs.

With all the Silicon Valley and worldwide talent that the corporation has at hand, Tesla will continue to grow and maintain the #1 position in EV innovation. The tech company that incidentally produces one of the most sought-after vehicles in the world.

Musk Dust? Sprinkled liberally.


…  Kay