At the Tesla Park Meadows Supercharger meet up, we had unbelievable show-up of fabulous vehicles. Don’t think we had ever seen so many, outside of Tesla itself. It was an invasion. Mall Security stopped by to try and figure out what we all ‘plotting.’ (To take over the world, what else?)

Xcel Energy is still hooking up the transformer to this multi-bay charging station, and there are no demarcation lines of ‘personal space’ as yet, but it’s looking good! Tesla, as a company, promises that this facility is just for customers. The supercharger facilities in the covered parking lot will be dropping down to HPWC (I believe) for Tesla showroom vehicles only.

Francisco Partida (Asst. Manager), Levi Sage (Manager) and staff of Tesla Park Meadows were very hospitable. As they opened the showroom doors for us at 9:00 AM, Sean strode in with gallons of caffeine, bagels, and cream cheese to help facilitate great chat between ourselves – and Tesla. While able to very happily reconnect with the ‘usual suspects,’ we also connected with new ones. There is an adventure around every corner – and a lot of energy! With Denver Group and our – separate, but working with – burgeoning Women’s Group, I’m sure we will be requesting Tesla space again soon.

Tesla Park Meadows Showroom

(Thank you, Tesla Park Meadows. Hope we cleaned up enough after …)