Going to a Car Show?

How does a Tesla showroom stop the kiddos from doing something crazy (like have it shoot straight into the Mall) while messing around inside a car?

SHOWROOM mode. The car must be off. Press on the T at the top of the screen until it glows and the “access code” box displays Enter code SHOWROOM. This disables the ability to start the car or turn the music up over a certain level. To bring the car back to normal driving mode, enter the code again. Great for show-and-tell situations.

Model X ‘Bells.’ Enter code MODELXMAS. Leave the vehicle and lock. Stand back and see the look on passerby’s faces!

Not Fun:

Screen Freeze

It will happen now and again. Hold down both scroll wheels on the steering column for 5 seconds. You are driving around a mass of motherboards on top of a big battery on wheels and so it’s a reboot! However, if the issue continues, go to CONTROLS-TRIPS. Reset TRIPS to zero. Every 2K miles is a good time to do this.The reboot will also help with a ‘sticky’ charge port that has you wrestling the UMC.

Key Fob not Working

This can happen if the battery in the key fob is low or is receiving severe RF interference at your location. If your car is refusing to function via the key fob, don’t panic! Use the Tesla app on your smartphone to unlock and start the vehicle.

 Lightning Strikes

(Yes – it happened …) Colorado does suffer from some pretty major storms and if you do not have whole-house or local (point of charge) surge protection, the car may be at risk if plugged into your 240 VAC during a severe lightning event. Storm in the area? Unplug the car asap to avoid a possible fried UMC and damage to the onboard charging systems. Tesla corporate maintains that the vehicle has sufficient onboard surge protection, but from firsthand knowledge of what a nearby lightning hit can do to a charging Tesla, just UNPLUG!

Tires and Tire Rotations

Your tire specifications are:

19″ Rims: 245/45R19

21″ Rims: 245/35ZR21/XL (not recommended for winter or harsh weather driving and crazy expensive)

Lug wrench required: 21mm. Anything else will strip your lugs and they are around $40 a set to replace from Tesla. Don’t forget explicit instructions regarding your air suspension and the importance of using ‘Jack’ mode to prevent the suspension from going bonkers once the car is off the ground. Rotate every 5000 miles. That massive instantaneous torque acceleration that we are addicted to eats tire tread.

Winter tires – Pirelli Sotozero. Not cheap and no warranty – but seriously good for as long as they last.

All weather – Sumitomo. 50K mile limited warranty. Gives a really nice ride. Yet to see how they handle snow days.

License Plate Renegade

So you’re doing a Steve Jobs on your license plates. (He refused to have any.) You totally revolt at drilling through the front of your beautiful car to be compliant. Rumor has it, though, that parking up downtown could get you a ticket for your radical ways. Law requires that the license plates must be fastened horizontally, in a manner to prevent swinging, at a height of at least 12 inches from the ground. Says nothing about fastened to the interior, though! Don’t take my word for this as I bear no responsibility for what you choose to do with a license plate, but does that mean one could tape the front plate to the interior of the windshield when parked up?

Jana, however, passed along this link for an auto-pilot compatible, no-damage license plate mount.


(Yes – it happened …) There are only two Tesla certified body shops in Colorado to help get your baby back on the road. Contacts are:

Mark Quiroz at Colorado Coach Auto Body in Boulder. Very responsive. Will flatbed car free of charge.

Charlie at Stuttgart Auto Body in Englewood. Make sure that they know Kemal from Tesla sent you over.

The Tesla Fremont factory, however, sometimes needs a cattle prod up its ass to get necessary parts on a pallet, out of the loading dock and on an aircraft …


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